Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Good for height and half a centimetre post

Over the weekend I was looking back over my journal entries for the time I was having radiotherapy (hence the title of this post!) and reflecting on what I had written.  The highs and the lows; the frustrations and the entertaining moments; the words of wisdom and the words of encouragement from friends old and new.

So here are a selection of my thoughts at that time.

The daffodils are out in the Tabulae planter; a lovely cheerful sight as I leave the house each day.

Sat around in the clinic for ages waiting to see the registrar only to discover that he thinks the HER2 test result is sitting in a file at the other hospital!

I wept through the set-up today.

Lovely aromatherapy session with A - rosemary and neroli.

"Don't feel guilty about what you can't or don't manage to do", said T to me as we said goodbye at the Support Centre [at the end of my radiotherapy treatment].

I felt they just couldn't have cared less about how I was feeling.

... realised that we'd all been dredging up our 'A' Level physics in order to understand how a linear accelerator works!

From the waiting room we watched a couple of porters spend ages loading up a trolley with chairs balanced in a precarious tower and the pushing it towards the door, only to discover (as we'd all anticipated and suggested) that the stack was too tall to clear the doorframe!

I recalled how I'd had the support and encouragement of friends old and new.  In particular I have been remembering three who sadly are no longer with us.

Cat, Julie and I were part of a thread on the Breast Cancer Care Forum and we were all having rads at the same time.  I have written here before about Cat, and Julie died at the end of last year.

The other, Gerry, is a friend who at the time was healthy but who over a year later was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer.  He died last April and I plan to be remembering him with some friends over the coming weekend.

The planter is still at my front door, the daffodils are just about out again and I'm eagerly anticipating their cheerful sight.

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