Monday, 27 January 2014

Why blog?

The recent controversy generated by the criticism by the Kellers of Lisa Adams and her use of social media has led me to pose myself the question "Why blog?".

Now this is a question to which there are a myriad of answers and those answers will vary from one person to another.  I can only answer for myself but I suspect that for many of us the answers fall into two streams; why we ourselves blog and why we are pleased that others do. Fo myself, both strands are part of an over-arching answer that includes belonging to a diverse online community.

As I have previously written, I have always used journalling when I have been facing challenges and changes in my life.  It is a process that helps me to clarify my thoughts, consider my options and choose my way forward.  Blogging is an offshoot of this process. I still journal, so why do I blog?

In part, this (somewhat sporadic!) blog is a place to share my thoughts and see what, if anything, this sparks off in other people.  That sits nicely with the clarifying and considering aspect of my journal.  Then there is that online community I mentioned above, sharing ideas, ideals and information.  And while my motivation is not altruistic, if anyone finds something I have written useful, then that is an added bonus.  Certainly I find that I learn from what other people have written.  Sometimes I find that in someone else's posts and comments a new light is thrown onto an issue I've been considering, at other times it is good to know others feel the same way I do.

What this blog is not, is a place for me to share my innermost thoughts.  That remains the function of my journal and I can't see that changing in the immediate future. It isn't in my nature to be public with things I consider to be highly personal and if I've important news to share (be that positive or negative) I am unlikely to share it here before I've told my nearest and dearest.

That doesn't mean that I don't think others should use blogging, or any other form of social media, in that way.  It is simply that it isn't for me.  Which brings me back to this diverse and generally supportive community to which we all belong. After all, if any of us don't like reading something, we can always stop reading ...

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  1. Each of us has to define it for ourselves, Elizabeth, that's for sure. xo