Monday, 3 September 2012

Late again

I did say that daily blog posts and photos were not going to be an option for me! My work, leisure and family commitments really do make it an impossibility.  However, I did want to post one last very ordinary photo of something for which I'm thankful, especially as it links neatly to the photo for last Monday.

Last week I posted a photo of the view while I had breakfast on Monday morning. Then I was away, staying at a beautiful wildlife reserve.  Here is the view I had while eating breakfast today:

It is the view from my office window (somewhat skewed as I was leaning out of said window, which doesn't open very far!). It is a multi-user building for third sector organisations and the "inside" offices overlook this beautiful peaceful courtyard. I usually leave for work early and eat breakfast when I arrive; I have to on bisphosphonate day anyway. 

Lots to be thankful for and to appreciate here. The blog post before last went through the difficulties and uncertainty I and others faced while we waited to find out whether or not we would keep our jobs and I am thankful to have emerged with an exciting and challenging position.  The whole team is grateful for offices in such a beautiful location; lovely views into courtyard or across the local countyside, red kites hunting overhead (or just loafing about in the trees!) and a lovely sweeping staircase that has us all imaging that we are wearing our finery.

Me, well at that time of the day I'm appreciating the conversations in the kitchen with tenants from other organisatiosn, the fact that the phone doesn't ring and that only the odd email pings in. I eat my breakfast, take my Aromasin and drink my coffee (there'll be another cup when T gets in and the day gets started properly). I catch up with odd tasks and prepare for the day ahead.

Onwards and upwards ...